👋 Hello there,

I'm AJ Austinson —a developer with a design background living in Portland, OR.

I've spent much of my career designing & prototyping things at Ziba Design, & building iOS apps with Synapticats. Most of this work is under NDA so you won't find any links to it here (sorry about that). Much of my work has been focused in mobile applications, some for concepts that never saw the light of day, & some for apps with millions of daily active users & large legacy code-bases.

You can learn more about my backgroud & work history in my résumé or LinkedIn.

Outside of work I’m usually learning about new technologies, old technologies, trying to make video games, being inspired by my wife, or being amused by our cat & dog.

I'm @radpants on Twitter, but to be honest I don't tweet very often.

If you'd like to get in touch just send me an email & I'll get back as soon as I can.